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Since our company's founding in 2013, Old Dominion Pipe Company has quickly grown as a pipe maker dedicated to producing quality, historical corn cob and clay pipes.  For many years we not only offered our pipes wholesale to other retailers, but also sold our pipes to our dedicated customers through our web site.  

However, as our company has grown, so has our wholesale business.  TobaccoPipes.com was one of the first online retailers to carry our line of pipes and last year became our wholesale distributor through their new pipe distribution division, Tobacco Pipes Distribution.  Through Tobacco Pipes Distribution, we have been able to reach a larger customer base both here in the U.S. as well as internationally.  While this new arrangement has helped us both strengthen our brand as well as reach a larger customer base that otherwise our small company simply wouldn't have the resources to do, it has meant that most of our pipe production this past year has been dedicated to the wholesale market.  

While it has been a difficult decision for us to make, we have decided to discontinue our retail sales through our web site in order to concentrate on meeting our wholesale production goals. 

For our valued customers, we have included links here to our two largest online retailers where you can not only find our line of corn cob and clay pipes, but purchase your favorite tobacco blends to smoke in them as well.  

If you happen to own a tobacco and pipe shop and would like to carry our line of pipes in your shop, we encourage you to contact the good folks at Tobacco Pipes Distribution to become one of our retailers.

Are you a retailer and interested in carrying our line of tobacco pipes?  If so, contact Tobacco Pipes Distribution.  They are now our exclusive international and domestic distributor.  The courteous, professional folks at Tobacco Pipes will be more than happy to talk to you about carrying our clay and corn cob pipes.

Tobacco Pipes Distribution


Email: sales@tobaccopipesdistribution.com


Web: https://tobaccopipesdistribution.com/


Phone: 877-257-4737

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