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Virginia Planter

At Old Dominion Pipe Company we are committed to producing only handcrafted traditional smoking pipes that give our customers the true enjoyment of smoking a pipe right out of the pages of history. While many modern pipes employ a variety of plastics, acrylics, and other modern man-made materials, our pipes are painstakingly crafted from natural materials into proven historically accurate designs.


Our corn cob pipes feature a natural corn cob bowl handcrafted from a special white corn variety that was developed in the 20th century specifically for the corn cob pipe making industry.  This unique cob has special qualities not found in modern GMO corn cobs or even heirloom corn cobs of the 19th century.  These "pipe corn" cobs are abnormally large capable of consistently producing up to 1.5" diameter bowls and are extremely dense making them less susceptible to burn-out.  Ever since this variety began to be used by the industry to produce pipes, cob smokers have long enjoyed the light, cool, and dry smoking qualities of this rather unique corn cob.  At Old Dominion we are proud to embrace the tradition of using these "pipe corn" cobs for the manufacture of our bamboo stem pipes.


Cobs are carefully selected so that each pipe bowl is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. Our corn cob pipes are ideal for customers seeking a longer smoking and more substantial cob pipe for savoring their favorite tobacco blends.  The stems are made from natural bamboo cane as was used in the making of corn cob pipes up through the early 20th century.


Today, in keeping with the legacy of the early pipe makers, Old Dominion Pipe Company proudly embraces the American tradition of using the “reed stem” and introducing it to a whole new generation of pipe smokers. This natural bamboo cane varies slightly from stem to stem due to minor deviations in size and natural imperfections. These minor variations in size, shape, and color give each stem its own unique, original quality.  Our bamboo stems are now glued into the cob bowls using a heat-resistant, non-toxic glue.  While traditionally these stems would have not been glued and simply relied on a compression fit, we have found from customer feedback that customers prefer a stem that is more secure. When purchasing an Old Dominion corn cob pipe, you will truly receive a one-of-a-kind creation, not a mass produced pipe!


All of our corn cob pipes now feature a hardwood base plug.  During the 20th century, corn cob pipe makers began incorporating hardwood base plugs on some of their models to give them added strength and durability.  We have chosen to follow their example with our corn cob pipes.  


Our newest cob offering is our simple but elegant "Shenandoah" model.  This pipe is made from the same heirloom white corn variety as our Virginia Planter, Chesapeake, and Laughing King models, but is smaller in size and features a plaster and laquered bowl exterior.  This pipe is reminiscent of a style first introduced around the 1890s and continued in production as late as the 1940s.  It features an ample 5/8" diameter smoking chamber for a satisfying smoke.  Using original pipes of this style in our collection as models, we have painstakenly recreated this once common corn cob pipe down to very exacting detail.


While all of our corn cob pipes are designed as functional pipes for use by tobacco pipe smokers, we also realize that non-smokers, who may not have an interest in smoking our pipes, may instead have a sincere interest in collecting them. Our pipes are truly accurate reproductions of traditional corn cob pipes dating back more than 100 years! The pipe makes an interesting souvenir representing an historical artifact of rural Americana and a folk symbol of American culture from the mid 1800s through the turn of the 20th century. Civil War and Western living historians as well as cowboy action enthusiasts will find that our cob pipe can also add an interesting flare to their individual impressions. Our pipes also make historically accurate props for theatrical productions as well as for use in films and documentaries.


Our "Virginia Planter" model is named in honor of Virginia farmers past and present whose corn and tobacco fields have covered the Commonwealth.  Virginians of true grit and vision like John Rolfe whose successful cultivation of tobacco in Virginia helped insure the financial survival of the fledgling Virginia Colony as well as brought pipe smokers for generations to come their favorite pastime.  The Virginia Planter features a large 3/4" dia. chamber with a more traditional, cylindrical cob bowl shape and a hardwood base plug for added durability.    It is among our best selling and most sought after cobs!


The "Shenandoah" corn cob pipe is named in honor of Virginia's majestic "Big Valley" nestled between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains.  A region steeped both in history and heritage.  Thus, it is only fitting to honor the region with a simple but elegant corn cob pipe reminiscent of s style that was first developed around the 1890s and continued in popularity through the 1940s.  The Shenandoah features an ample 5/8" diameter smoking chamber and a plaster and lacquer coated cob exterior. A technique first developed in the late 19th century, plaster and lacquer coated cob bowls remain popular among avid cob pipe smokers to this day.  Like its bigger brothers, the Shenandoah also features a hardwood base plug for added durability.  Smoking a Shenandoah corn cob pipe allows one to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life while savoring your favorite tobacco blend.

Laughing King

The "Laughing King" corn cob pipe is a tribute to King Debedeavon, "Ye Emperor of Ye Easterne Shore and King of Ye Great Nussawattocks", who ruled over the Native Americans  inhabiting the Eastern Shore of Virginia at the time of the arrival of the first English colonists to Jamestown. King Debedeavon, known familiarly as the "Laughing King", proved a valuable ally to the early English colonists.  Our "Laughing King" corn cob pipe features a large 3/4" diameter smoking chamber like our Virginia Planter but incorporates a more barrel-shaped bowl giving it a rather simple, but appealing shape.  This fine pipe includes a hardwood base plug and uses a longer bamboo stem like our Virginia Planter.  A perfect pipe for a casual smoke and a pipe that would make the old Warrior proud!


Our “Chesapeake” corn cob pipe is named in honor of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay region and a tribute to the watermen past and present who have sailed its waters and harvested its bountiful seafood.  The Chesapeake is a scaled down version of our popular “Virginia Planter” cob pipe.  It is the smallest smoking pipe we manufacture featuring a 5/8” diameter chamber.  Like its larger siblings, the bowls of the Chesapeake are handcrafted from the same quality pipe corn cobs used with our other models and feature a hardwood base plug for added durability and longevity.  This little pipe is ideal for use as an after dinner "dessert" pipe or as an inexpensive smoking pipe to carry on your next fishing, hunting, or hiking excursion.   Cob pipes like these would have given a weary waterman a few moments of simple pleasure while plying his trade on the great waters of the Chesapeake.

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